Friday, May 29, 2009

the birthday

all week long Z had little field trips here & there & cried on thurs when i told him i couldn't go with him, so fri was a must, even if it wasn't his birthday. i took him to school first thing in the morning, then went home home to at least get a cup of coffee to deal with all the kids.

about 9 B & I went back for our walk to stater brothers. yeah, i know, exciting stuff, huh? it was overcast so it wasn't too hot out & we got a couple of drops of rain on the way. our presenter did a great job of talking to the kids, showing them the different fruits & veggies & explaining how they were good for the body, then they went in the refridgerated section, went behind the butcher's counter to see how the machine wrapped & priced cut meat, over to the loading dock, last was the bakery. Z got 2 fingers of frosting beings he was the birthday boy.

once we were done the kids returned their aprons & vests (everyone had a job) & were given a box with some goodies in it & a balloon. stater bro's did a great job of informing & entertaining the kids, thank you.

the walk back to school was hot & we were all exhausted by then. we ended up taking Z home & getting ready for our trip down to mom's. we stopped at SD house, everything looked great, did our walk through, got our keys [YAH!] & went to mom's. Z finally got to open presents & cards & my mom got chocolate pudding pie with strawberries on top.


  1. sounds like you guys had a good birthday week!

    woo hoo...KEYS!


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