Thursday, May 21, 2009

on the internet popo's hit list

at work...we are watched, logged, like big-time.
a lot of sites are blocked too, which is really sad considering how much free time i have on my hands here.

as of late i've become completely addicted to FB.
SL put up some fantastic pics from hs, the wall chats have been fun, etc.
but our server can be slow.
i mean S.......L.....O......W
& sometimes because i can be little type A i will click the refresh button a gazillion times because it takes so long to load.

then it happened.
just the other day.

massive pop up window
my name was on there too, like i got a ticket.

um, what?
how am i supposed to fill the time here??? hmmmm?

as of yet, my privileges haven't been fully revoked, i can log on, but now i'm scared so i'm not logging on as often & just checking in real quick, not hanging out & having a drink anymore.

don't take my FB away internet popo, i need it.
really i do, what do you expect me to be productive for 9 hours a day?
because if that's the case, you need to talk to my boss first.

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  1. maybe your boss can issue you a waiver for fb. lol


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