Wednesday, May 27, 2009

so close i can taste it

friday is Z's 7th birthday.
yeah, i know, already, it's amazing how quickly it's passed. it feels like only a few years ago that i was pregnant, yet here we are with this big boy now. he's 4ft tall & last time we weighed him at 45lbs; although i know it's more than that because this weekend he felt heavier when i picked him up & he's been eating 5 or 6 meals a day. [talk of the family anchor is for another day...]

the plan was to head down to mom's once he got out of school to spend the weekend down there; celebrate the birthday, spend time with mom, do the final walk-thru on the house sunday & get OUR keys to OUR house[!!!!!].

B spoke with the tenant this morning & she's ready to meet & hand over the keys on fri night. [OMG!!!] so we will probably just stay in OUR house & sleep on OUR floor & be ridiculously happy about it!
do you have any idea how many rolled tacos & shrimp burritos we're going to eat? Z's going to be 60lbs by sun afternoon...let's not concern ourselves with anyone else's weight though.

i still haven't given work an official resignation letter; i think i'll do it today, 2 weeks notice as of today. sound fair?

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