Tuesday, May 12, 2009


a few days ago i noticed Z had a spot on the back of his head where his hair seemed really...sparse. i figured bad case of the duck (aka 'the chicken') & didn't concern myself with it too much, just made a point of making sure he used conditioner & let it set in for a few minutes. then B calls me for something today & tells me there's another spot i need to look at.

so at the end of the day when i pick Z up, i lift up his bangs to find he's twisted off about the first 1 to 1.5 inches of hair!!!!!!!!!!!

it's forehead, then a patch of MAYBE about an 1/8 inch long hair with glaring white scalp underneath for a good span, then the intact hair remains (although frightened).

so i called haircut lady (aka Katey's momma) & Z has an appt tomorrow afternoon. i told her how f-ed up his hair is & she thought for sure he cut it, but no, i don't think it would be THAT BAD if he'd cut it.

i'm pretty sure the only option it to shave his head & i'm SO not happy about that. not only because his white scalp is going to get sunburnt, or because he is going to look ridiculous & possibly like a little skin-head (hmmm, anarchy temp tat on the forehead???), but it's his FRICKEN BIRTHDAY AT THE END OF THE MONTH & we're going to have pictures documenting the skin-headedness!

on the bright side, only a few weeks of school left & i can not WAIT to be done with 1st grade (even if we have to do it over again)!


  1. at first i thought you were going to poke fun at your hubby and i was ready to defend him and his hairline! ;-)

  2. haha, we won't share that one with him!


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