Wednesday, May 20, 2009


the past few weeks i've been working on engineering flowcharts. i've worked on finland flows in the past, they were boring, anything that goes away has to have 'RESERVED' entered in it's place.

do you know what it's like typing 'RESERVED' 42,334 times in one day?
great fun!
no fancy clickity cut & paste going on here.
type, each letter, each time, all 42,334 times...

this pile, i'm not joking it's 6 reams of paper high.
luckily NOT double sided.
[gotta find a silver lining somewhere...]

anyways, this is for canada & although i still feel i'm owed some handsome pilots in flight suits walking around speaking french, i have to say i actually like this work.

i delete a bunch of crap, then move boxes around to make sense of what's left.

evidently i'm an organizational F-R-E-A-K.
can we keep that a secret?

better yet, can i put that on my resume?


  1. R-E-S-E-R-V-E-D least they are all typed with the left hand. that's better than all over the place. :-) that's sort of a silver lining as well, right? no?

  2. great, so i can blame the Fin's for carpal tunnel of my left wrist! ;-P


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