Friday, May 1, 2009

well, i can't say he doesn't help with laundry anymore

today i finally got a chance to go through Z's dresser & move stuff around for the season change. i also go through everything & put the clothing that's looking rough in the give away pile.

lately we've had Z put his own clothes away, so his drawers were a disaster. no rhyme, no reason, no order. i expected some mix up between shorts/pants & short/long sleeve shirts, but it was chaos. in one drawer i even found chonies & jammies which belong in another dresser.

then i found one of my shirts in the mix.

that's what happens when you let Poppa help with laundry.

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  1. i don't think that ever changes! lol caine takes the basket into his room to "put away his clothes" but i know by the time laundry day rolls around again i will be beggin for that basket back and his clothes may or may not end up in drawers.


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