Thursday, April 30, 2009

about silver

i like silver but i can't wear it, something about my body chemistry tarnishes it right away.

the first time i wore silver jewelry i was a kid, maybe 7 or 8. it was crucifix my grandma B had given my father & he had given to me. the cross was made of silver & Jesus was made of gold. so being a crucifix & all there were religious connotations then add on the sentimental value of being past down from generation to generation.

the very first morning i woke up after sleeping with the necklace on, it was black. i thought what any kid would think:

that i was a child of the devil

damien & i were kin

i think i even cried

i cleaned as best i could & put it away, so no one could see it.

it wasn't until years later when i blackened another piece of jewelry & someone told me it was tarnish, from my skin reacting with the metal.

it was great to find out i wasn't satan's spawn.

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