Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Momma is done

yesterday when i picked up Z someone immediately walked over to tell me he had acted up - a kid had gotten out of line & when he attempted to return the Z police refused, pushed & threw dirt at him.
then we talked about how school went, only 1 star (out of 3), so i asked for an explanation - someone took off Z's shoe so Z 'squished' him [i didn't even want clarification for 'squished'].

to top it all off, it was all told with attitude, not an ounce of shame for his behavior.

so i had it.

no more.

final straw was laid.

let the beatings begin [from momma & that rarely happens]

so much for positive reinforcement.
[i don't do positive; anyone who knows me knows it's not part of my character & i'm ok with it. i have plenty of fun with my negativity, we're friends who make fun of each other.]

i hope that me doling out the punishment had more of an impact on him than when B does it [at least that's what i'm telling myself].

i ended it with telling him if he does anything to anyone for any reason anywhere he will get more spankings.

there's the line in the sand.


  1. I don't know if you "lost it" when you doled out the spanks but I have before. Afterwards, I feel really bad about losing my cool, but I swear it almost gets to him MORE when he sees that I'm freaking losing my shit. THAT is not in any parenting book I've ever read. . . . and if you quote me, I'll deny it. ;)

  2. unfortunately, i think every time i've spanked him before i had "lost my shit", this was probably the 1st time i was in complete control.

    i think THAT is what possibly might have had an affect on him more than anything.

    we shall see.


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