Friday, April 17, 2009

biting my tongue

so yesterday was the big first day of trying positive re-inforcement.

i picked up Z at the end of day & asked how his day went?
happy face?

[what do you mean only 2? what happened to 3? what did you do wrong? who did you attack? hit? scratch? push? throw sand or rocks at?]

GREAT! you got 2 stars!
[much harder than i thought it was going to be.]

the offense du jour [might as well have some fun right?] was he dared someone to eat a rock.


  1. since when is daring someone to do something a reason to get a star taken away? technically i would think it's up the other person to determine if/when the dare would be appropriate and worth doing. isn't that the whole nature of a dare? ;-)

  2. yeah, i didn't think it was that bad of an offense, but i'm just his mom.


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