Thursday, April 16, 2009

ain't nothin going on but the rent

having a dry spell over here...writing people, writing...this isn't THAT kind of blog. what's funny is a LOT of the blogs i read seem to be having the same trouble.

no funniness has been going on:
B's sick with bronchitis & being a crankypants.
Z's been discussed.
me - um, been working on my resume but already talked about that. been doing all kinds of MS training; talked about that too.

completed Excel, Word & Outlook 2007 so far (that was kind of cheating though because i already kick-ass on those programs 2003). i just started Access, my nemesis (i'm sure it was created by the devil). i've taken numerous courses & it's never clicked for me; maybe this time it will, maybe my experience in business objects will help.

oh, btw devil, i guess i'll be headed your way as i ate meat 2x on fridays during lent. once was pure accident at a party (i snacked on deli meats - is that real meat? hmmm). i didn't even realize it until later when i went back to get a plate of food & B said "you can eat this, it doesn't have meat" - & i was confused. then i ate a meat burrito. the damage was already done right?

the other was a product of the situation, we went out for lunch & i planned on getting a salad, however there was only 1 salad on the menu & it highlighted fried chicken nuggets.

yeah, on a salad.

how do you pass that up once it's been proposed?

i'm so weak.

one more thing - i've become a complete facebook whore.

that was a lie, i have another thing - i need a new fangled phone because i need to twitter. i'm twittering on FB & it's not cutting it.

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