Saturday, April 4, 2009

spiderman chonies

fyi, chonies = underwear.
in my family the word 'underwear' was never spoken.
[neither was 'fart' but that's neither here nor there. just another one of my mother's idiosyncrasies, but that's another post. who am i kidding, that's a whole 'nother blog.]

anyways, back in the day when Z was still pre-schooling it & having an occasional accident here & there, we kept a spare pair of chonies at his daycare place. one morning in a rush i threw the chonies in the passenger seat along with whatever i needed to take to work that day, then dropped Z off. it wasn't until i got to work & picked up my purse to find the tiny pair of spiderman chonies i'd forgotten about.

i sat there for a minute.
i didn't have time to go back to drop them off.
i didn't want to just leave them sitting there on the passenger seat.
would that just scream - CHESTER?
[no really officer i DO have a child, these are his, i'm not some sick f***]

so i rolled them up as tightly as i could & put them in my jacket pocket so on my lunch break i could drop them off.
then i went about my regular day.
with old boss.

so i'm working...or pretending to work [is that a skill i can put on my resume?]
& COMPLETELY forget about having a pair of chonies in my pocket.
i was talking with one of my co-workers [thankfully female & even moreso a mother] when i reached in my pocket & felt fabric.
still no recollection.
at ALL.

so what do i do?
what anyone else would...i pulled them out of my pocket.
then froze.
then fell over laughing.

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