Friday, April 24, 2009

a technical question

i'm still working on the resume.

one of the programs we use runs on a different platform so i want to make sure i notate it out on my resume. in the office we call it 'the sun machine' or 'flows'; i know that doesn't really sound all that official & doesn't translate to anything outside this office much less outside this base so yesterday i contacted one of the software guru's to ask for an official title.

so his answer was this:
The best you can do is "SUN UltraSparc 5 workstation running SUN Solaris 9
operating environment (OE)" - and the tool could be called the "F/A-18
Legacy Aircraft (AYK-14) Mission Computer Software Engineering Design
Flowcharting Tool"

my response:
i'm the shit!

i'm sure he was fully impressed with my eloquence [as all men are].

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  1. is there even enough room to write that on a resume? lol

    (& yes you are the shit!)


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