Sunday, April 12, 2009

how to get out of lockdown, lesson #1

Rob moved into town on fri night, so we went over to help out. after the moving was done, we watched "pitch black", it was the first bit of tv Z was allowed to watch since tuesday's events (we decided to be a little lenient being's R was in town). we stayed late & Z didn't want to leave, loving that bit of tv time.

on sat the big boys had moving stuff to take care of so Z & i stayed home for most of the morning only venturing out to pick up a few groceries. while at the store (only a 45 min trip at most), Z told me 3x that he was tired. i figured it was because we'd stayed up late the night before & told him he could go back to bed once we got home.

as we were walking from the car to the front door of the house he coughed.
a weird cough.
THAT cough.
so i stopped asked if he was ok?
asked if he was going to throw up?
then before he could answer he coughed again & started hurling chunks.

it was bad.
it was awful to watch, he couldn't stop.
it just kept on coming & there we were in the front yard.
he was in pain too, he fell to knees & started to cry.

when he finally stopped i asked him if he was ok enough for me to carry him down the hall to the bathroom & he said he was.
thankfully we made it safely. we got him cleaned up, back into jammies & into bed where he fell asleep quickly.

he hadn't shown any previous signs of illness, nothing, no headache, nausea or fever. he had eaten rice crispies with milk & later apple slices with a cup of milk. (i checked the milk, it was fine.)

when he woke from his nap he had a fever though. it came & went throughout the day & he napped a few times. when he woke at 7pm his fever was up to 102, so i gave him some medicine.

he seems better today & of course restriction is on light terms due to the illness. he's outside playing in the backyard right now.


  1. this would be funny if you were both 21 (or younger) and staggering in at 3:15am from tj!

    poor thing. i hope he's feeling better now. that's rough though...sick AND on restriction.

  2. 3:15am, that would be a short TJ night! heehee!

    yeah, he seems better, just a 24 hour bug i think.

  3. short night lol...more likely in line at alberto's at that time! ;-)

    thank goodness he's feeling better.


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