Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Z update

i was hesitant to post about Z doing well in school. i wrote it, then kept it as a draft, then tempted fate & published it. you think i would know better by now, but i don't & i'm just stupid & a lot more daring than i thought because within a few hours of posting it i got a call from Z's school.

um, yeah.

come pick up your kid

yes, trouble, kicked out again.

luckily the new principal (YAH!) is one of Z's ex-preschool-girlfriend's so she has a soft spot for the boy & didn't suspend him. i like her much better than the old asshat principal he had; he's no longer principaling because he's busy city counseling.
[do you hear that brown acres? you have an asshat on city counsel? oh, that's a step apologies then]

so nothing official, nothing on paper, nothing in his official file that will follow him around for the rest of his life. so far that file only has one sheet from the last time he was suspended.

Z's story is some girls forced him to play some game he didn't want to play (right), then he pushed on of them & he scratched her. to make matter worse, when he got to the office he used his mean voice when he spoke to the ladies in the office.

parenting is glorius fun.

on a positive note, when Z was writing out his spelling word sentences:
for 'father' he wrote 'my father is old'
for 'mother' he wrote 'my mother is pretty'

does the boy know his way to momma's heart? oh yeah!

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  1. His spelling word sentences are priceless. :) How did B like them?


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