Saturday, April 25, 2009

the fishing trip

the plan was to rent canoes & go to the lake, but it was too windy, so shore fishing it was. we got up, i told Z to get dressed & clean up his room while we got ready. i told him it would be cold, so to wear pants & a long sleeve shirt.

he came out in his niciest jeans (ie, the only pair that the knees are completely ripped out of (purchased spur of the moment during the disney trip)) & his christmas sweater.

once again i don't get it.

for school he wears stained shirts, holey pants, does not give 2 shits at all about what he's wearing [& don't think B can't be bothered with such foolishness, there is a reason a uniform REALLY works for the man]. the other day Z came home in a sleeveless soccer shirt & denim shorts when the day's high was upper 60s.

so why is the child wearing his sunday best TO GO FISHING i ask?

he was ok with changing the sweater out for a sweatshirt but when i made him change to a holey pair of jeans he cried.

the perfect start to a long day no?


it wasn't so bad actually.

considering 3 adults wait a minute, am i classifying B & R as adults? & 3 kids wtf was i thinking???? we tried a few spots at the lake, but it was cold & windy...not a single bite didn't help matters so we moved on. we tried a few other spots; one was rocky & fun to explore while the other was sandy & open like at the fishies there either.

then we tried the river. long story short, there were no fishies anywhere.

i think this whole 'fishing' thing is a cover, ladies you've been warned.

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