Tuesday, April 14, 2009

the devil will find work for idle hands

oh sorry...

um yeah, those are words from the smiths "what difference does it make?" (go school yourself if you aren't singing along). [is it just me or do you think B kinda looks like morrissey? ok, maybe you have to be drunk....& in the dark...]

anywho, yes, idle hands belonging to the child.
i spoke with Z's principal yesterday afternoon & we have an appt scheduled for tomorrow. she & Z's teacher are going to work something up to keep the boy entertained during recesses because idle time does not work out well for him.

people are always making him do things he doesn't want to do & he's simply forced to hit them.
see, this is why i didn't like kids when i was kid. it wasn't that i was anti-social, i just didn't have the patience even back then. it's taking me years of training with B to even considering having a child of my own. [heehee, someone's going to tell him about that one!]

& at home we need to work on positive reinforcement.
[what? no more daily beatings?
kidding people!]
& we need to dole out little daily positive rewards for happy faces.
i guess kisses, hugs & praise don't cut it after all.
cold hard cash?

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