Monday, April 13, 2009

is that shrimpy?

i went home for lunch. B had just woken up & was on the sofa (home sick) Z was in his room playing his leapster (home suspended). i ask Z if he's hungry & if so does he want soup or noodles (after saturday's puking incident i'm still precarious about his consumption).

he chose soup, so i held out chicken & stars or chicken & circle noodles. [i know all kinds of crazy options] he's looking intently at the picture on the can with the circle noodles & asks

"is that shrimpy?"

in canned soup.

i'm not even sure it was campbell's, it may have been generic grocery store brand.

after the pirate dinner i still get a lump in my throat when i think of shrimp, but canned shrimp soup...ICK.

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