Tuesday, March 24, 2009

disneyland 09 - pt I

on friday Z got in trouble again at school, but the trip was already planned, reservations made & non-refundable deposits => cancellation wasn't going to happen.

we headed out of town late sat am & checked into the hotel around 1pm. we decided most of the day was spent so we just checked out the nearby grounds & planned on getting to bed early so we could hit the park early sun.

although we were at the disney hotel & could enter the park at 7am, that's unattainable for this family...i think it was 8..or maybe 9am when we made it to the park. never the less, early for us.
we got on a couple of rides, then it began to rain. while in line for the matterhorn it started raining hard...for OC. we weren't dressed for rain, we all had light cotton jackets & looked like wet dogs.

we were trying to get on indoor rides to stay out of the rain, even though it was dissipating. we took Z on the indiana jones ride, but he still didn't like it. last time he actually thought i was driving the vehicle (stay out of my way!), this time he realized that's part of the ride. he refused to go on the haunted house, so i was bummed about that, it's still my favorite ride.

after our morning adventures we had lunch & headed back to the room for naps.

in the afternoon we went to CA Adv, it was a first time for all of us. Z liked the dropping jellyfish ride, the bee swings & the car rollercoaster that made me scream. we also went on the rafting ride, because we didn't get enough of having wet clothing in the morning. we didn't stay long though as we had a dinner date with some pirates.

Z really liked the pirate dinner, finally a place where it's not only ok to yell, but also ok to "boo" the other team => found his element. the entertainment was alright but the food wasn't so good. the chicken was ok, but the shrimp, well, um, i'm surprised it didn't land in the hair of the person in front of me when i tried to eat the first one; it melted in my mouth...in the WRONG way.


  1. How fun! You came down to Disneyland! I work across the street at a hotel and I live a couple of blocks from the park. I agree with you 100% about the food at Pirates. No bueno. But the show is great for the kiddies. I was hoping for a more vegas approach when it came to the show but it's not that bad :)

    I look forward to part deux!

  2. oh hey,i love your writing!
    we stayed at the disney hotel, but we were up & down katella & harbor a lot.


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