Thursday, March 26, 2009

disneyland 09 - pt III

i know, this is like a running drunk but instead of good things like vodka & tequila it's mouse ears & awkwardly happy people.

i emo'ed out in protest of the happiness, yup all black & heavy eyeliner...that made me feel a little better.

i was still on iffy ground from the migraine so i didn't even try to get on any rides on tues. we did one last round of CA Adv & i got dizzy just watching the boys on the swings as i tried to take pics of them.

Z ended up being on very good behavior the entire trip i'm happy to report...considering he should have been home chained to his bed & only let off to clean the bathrooms & cook meals for us.

kidding, latest events were minor infractions.

he got his annual disneyland shirt, some gigantic candy & a couple of toys from the lego store.

B & I survived to tell our time we hit OC i'm not leaving until i get my garlic salmon bowl though.

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