Friday, March 27, 2009

June 2, 2003

yeah, i bought twilight, but i've only watched it 2x, so far. i'm still in the middle of watching the other disks with all the making of stuff, but one thing struck me. i knew stephenie meyers wrote the book based off a dream, but she actually remembers she HAD the dream on 6/2/2003.


i barely remember things that were happening in my real life in that general timeframe, that exact date, a blur.

here's what i recall:
Z had just turned 1 a few days before that, i had taken the afternoon off to spend the day with him. my mom came over & brought her mexican wedding cake (white cake, white frosting, coconut). we sat him in his high chair let him go crazy, cake & frosting were everywhere. i called B & took pics throughout the process.

B was still in Japan. [f-ing military] he was supposed to return just after Christmas [& IT'S JUNE!!!]. we had been told countless times he would returning soon only to be delayed again [f-ing military x2]. by this point i told him don't bother telling me when they say you are coming home, just let me know when you're at LAX.

i had been working at the golf place 3 months. it was my first big career move after graduating college & instead of moving up, i chose an easier job that was closer to home for less pay [f-ing military x3, single parenting is not an easy job]. i had a great boss though.


  1. wow to you remembering what you did on that date.

    ask me what i did monday and you may get a blank stare in return! lol

  2. oh no, sorry i didn't clarify well enough - that what was going on in that timeframe.


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