Sunday, March 1, 2009

it wasn't an ultimatum

i couldn't take it anymore & asked today about the school choice; was his decision really made?

i had told him in the past that i could [but REALLY don't want to] stay another year here, 2 questionable, 3 no way.

so where did that leave us?

we talked it out. if we stay here an extra year, it doesn't really benefit his educational goals at all [while my sanity erodes daily]. we don't necessarily want to move back to SD house to have to turn around & move again after everyone is just getting comfy.

so now instead of researching rn programs, he will reseach lvn to rn programs as that was the key to the program here.

then he pouted "for the past 20 years the military has told me where to live, i thought i finally got a say in it."

i clarified for him "what are you talking about? you get to choose where we live; you just CAN'T choose here."


i'm totally flexible, easy going & not difficult at all!

shut it! i am!



    I just felt compelled to do a little research - see if this site helps. :)


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