Thursday, March 12, 2009

are you happy here?

i went into my boss's office yesterday to ask him about something & once that was done he asked me: "can i ask you something?"

me - sure (guarded, with a 'you're the boss, no isn't an option')

boss - are you happy here?

(cue extreme guarded silence & possibly a mild panic attack, possible thoughts include issuance of walking papers, although we work under multi-year contracts & cut-backs won't affect us for at least another year)

then he realizes i'm not going to answer that question with anything other than using up more than fair share of oxygen in the room because of my efforts at restraining the erratic heartbeat.

boss again - because i noticed you're overqualified for your position, so if you like, i can whore you out pass your resume around to the right people.

i'm sure i blushed aw, he wants to whore me out!, compliments are difficult for me to accept. i was upfront about the unknown future, except for the part about how i'm going insane & can't live here any longer...oopsy.

why shut the door when there is a possibility? (infinitesimal, but i will not deny the existence, i am fate's bitch & will not deny her presence (side note, yes, of course fate is female, please, men don't carry grudges like that around for years.))

where was i?

oh, yeah, when there is a possibility that we might stay, if we do, yes, i would want a different job. not that i don't love blog reading & checking FB constantly throughout the day, one can take only so many online training courses, my brain is gelatinizing.

so thanks boss, i'll keep that in my pocket.

life would be easier if i liked it here, but i've always (read ALWAYS!!!!) chosen the difficult route.

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  1. that's nice that he noticed the obviousness of you being over qualified. um duh! ;-)

    this may turn out well! :-) except for the whole staying possibility. lol


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