Monday, March 16, 2009

parenting sucks

last week we got Z's 2nd trimester report card. notice how it's taken me almost a week to talk about it.

yeah, that good.

a conference was only scheduled if necessary.
we were scheduled first in line (f*** me).

there were a few 1s, mostly 2s & one lonely 3 (for turning in homework); basically par for the course.

although his reading skills have improved over 130 points, he still needs 100 more to go to be ready for 2nd grade. his comprehension is virtually non-existent. he even tested poorly in math (low 70s) although his teacher did say he's not a good test taker because he made mistakes on stuff she knew he's capable of.

then we got to sign off a form acknowleding his less than stellar performance & another one saying we will be better parents. (you know get him to school on time, make him go everyday & feed him, because we haven't tried that stuff yet.)

she did say his handwriting has improved, in sentence writing he starts with capital & ends with a period & he's done quite well in spelling, but there's nowhere specifically on the report card to reflect these things - i guess they aren't important.

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