Monday, March 2, 2009


this morning B had to get up early for his mandatory exercise thing, so i got to sleep in an extra hour & take Z to school.

when i get up i always go deadbolt the front door & after my shower go turn on pandora to listen to music as we get ready. shortly after my shower Z came waltzing in, already awake. we talk as we get dressed & i'm thinking about how i enjoy this time together & miss it, & listening to the music when suddenly the volume goes up then down.

we both noticed it & think it's weird but before i can get up (i was on the floor putting lotion on my legs) Z says "i felt something touch me".

my thoughts: the music was loud, but not that loud. i didn't hear the door open or close. i didn't hear the dog bark. nothing. other than the music volume weirdness.

i jump up start to head out of the room & there's a man right out side the bedroom door.

that man was my husband.

however, fight or flight-mode had already kicked in & i yelled at him "GD SOB!"

[not the acronym though]

right there in front of Z.
no "F"s came out though...


  1. oh my goodness...i had chills. you scared me!

  2. think of how scared i was! he's lucky i only called him names!


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