Sunday, March 8, 2009

the birthday weekend

luckily it was a flex-friday, so while Z was at school we spent the day cleaning & organizing our chaos the house...for company. it hasn't been prepped like that for months.

that evening the W family arrived (R & girls); the kids played, we drank & talked. the boys, i mean B & R, were off playing WOW cue eye roll so i made the kids go to bed about 10:30 when i couldn't handle them anymore.

R brought us moonshine - how hick is that?
real hick when you think it's one of the best forms of booze you've ever tasted! it was apple cinnamon flavored with a buttery background & only a very light hint of alcohol at the end. if you heated up a cup of that thinking it was apple cider, you'd be completely wasted, on the floor past out before you saw the bottom of the cup. we did 2 shots & that little bit influenced my dreams that night.

we had a quiet day & that evening some of B's co-workers came by the house to celebrate B's birthday & to meet/welcome R who will be taking B's place soon. we ate, drank & talked...probably too much although everyone was gone by 11.

the next morning the W family left early, anxious to get home. i had hoped to make them breakfast, but going back to bed after they left was nice. we all ended up having a PJ day, Z's favorite.

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