Tuesday, March 3, 2009

end of an era

for the past 3 weeks Z has gotten happy faces E-V-E-R-Y-D-A-Y.
i was afraid i'd hex it, so i didn't share.
until now.

yesterday for throwing rocks & some dumbass kid who got in his path & was hit.
we weren't too disappointed, it was a little slip, he's been behaving SO well lately.

then i got the call.
yeah, problem on the playground after lunch. he was playing on the monkey bars & kicked a kid or 2 (& it may have been an accident). he was asked to stop, but didn't, then everyone was kicking & hitting. (i imagine something on the order of a prison brawl with tiny little bodies though.)
then Z bit a girl.

yup, bit.

surprisingly, he didn't get suspended. i'm guessing because it's a new principal & she is unaware of his history...so we're going to take advantage of it & move on. his recesses will be taken away for the rest of the week & a spanking will be had at home.

fighting, kicking, hitting girls = bad news
biting, anyone = unacceptable

why does raising kids have to be so difficult?

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