Tuesday, March 17, 2009

what a load

it wasn't until late yesterday afternoon that i realized today was st. patty's day.
thanks to SIL making a post on FB about making green treats for school, i got it on time. so last night i made my own batch of green treats for Z to take to school this morning.

& last night i told him to be sure he had something green picked out to wear to school. he didn't. he didn't want to wear green. i told him he had to wear green.


because if he didn't wear green:
-> he would get pinched
-> then he would get mad
-> then he would get in a fight
-> & end up in the principal's office
-> OMG, WHY CAN'T THIS KID BEHAVE????? (oh sorry, that was internal)

simple but true, he couldn't argue with it.
at least we all know where we stand.

this morning i woke up remembering that i dreamt i was doing laundry - wth kind of dream is that? i wasted precise dream time envisioning dirty socks & chonies when i could have been having good dreams?

then when i got to work i realized even with all my preparations last night i still managed to forget to wear green today. i think this is valid proof that i'm not awake until sometime after i get to work.

i have a feeling this isn't going to be a good day.

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