Tuesday, January 31, 2012

we camped again

not in the snow, with cubs scouts & even better with M & little one!

unfortunately B's school got all stupid & instead of getting out of class at 4, he was there until 7 then when he got home we still have to throw all our camping stuff in the back of the truck, go pick up another CS family that had issues, then pick up some drive thru dinner & drive ~2 hours to the middle of the desert.

thankfully we gave a friend our tent, so at least that was setup but it was 10 or 11pm when we finally got to our spot. we unloaded the necessities, were told to keep food in the vehicle bc there were desert rats out there, then we hit the hay. i was exhausted at work before all this, add the wind noise & attack of the rabid desert rats & i did not sleep all night no matter how tired i was.

the next morning kiddos were up at sunrise squealing & screeching & making all kinds of horrible sounds, happy sounds, but awful to someone who was now feeling rather zombish. we had some sort of breakfast that included a cup of sausage links & bagels [no cream cheese, see roughing it!]. i wandered over & found M's campsite with her own private potty! we had to share; with a lot of people, it was a hike from the campsite & it was stinky!

in the afternoon we took a hike into the nothingness & found an oasis; it was beautiful & surprising to find. the boys had activities & after dinner B & I went to hang w/M for the evening. we had a bit to drink & talked, but we were all exhausted & thought it was at least 10pm only to discover it was like 7:30, talk about lightweights. getting up so early plus the sun going down so quickly really messed up our clocks

before we left camp we asked Z if he wanted to come with us but he wanted to stay with the kids.  when we returned, he said he didn't know where we were....bc we often just disappear like that.  they were playing around the campfire then the kid got all kinds of attitude & we had to go have a talk in the tent.  i'm sure he was just all kinds of tired, but really tired mommy wasn't having it.

the next morning we had breakfast & a nice little prayer ceremony, then it was time to pack it up.  we headed back over to visit M & little one for a bit before we got on the road.  on our way home we missed our turn & ended up driving through julian.

being i started the trip exhausted, then didn't sleep one night, i was out of it for an entire week.  the princess needs a bed & warmth & no rats...
oh, i forgot to mention that someone did have a rat enter their tent in the night!

Monday, January 9, 2012

the birthday that wasn't

during christmas break i had mentioned to Z that Grammie's birthday was coming up.  i had agonized over what to do, how to handle the situation, but yet i still wanted him to express birthday wishes to her.  so on one of trips to target he asked if he could pick out a birthday card for her.  the card he chose had some dinosaurs on the front & inside is said:


i about fell over in the aisle laughing so hard.  Z didn't understand & i needed to explain to him that although i thought the card was HILARIOUS, Grammie wouldn't like it, that really it would hurt her feelings [no matter how true it was], so he picked out a normal happy birthday card.

also during the break & before the actual birthday Z wrote a letter to Grammie.  he talked about how he missed her & how he would like to go spend the weekend with her & then he asked why she wasn't talking to us.

yeah......it gets better

it was part of a cub scout assignment & he wanted to really mail it to her.

...[no words]

there wasn't really anything i could say, so he addressed it & mail it off.

the letter was mailed before the birthday card & i waited on pins & needles for the call that i knew was inevitable.  she called one day when i wasn't feeling well & was sleeping.  when i called her back she said she was calling to speak with Z about the letter he wrote her.  although she didn't say the words, it was obvious she didn't want to speak with me.

i really, really don't get how she still wanted to continue this.  i told her we needed to talk about things.  it took some effort but then she finally let it out that she was mad about 4th of july weekend, that S "took priority" but she refused to admit the real reason was she that she was upset that Z didn't want to go spend the weekend with her.

then she went on to say that she was hurt bc i didn't go over on my birthday.  um, remember the call i got?  welcoming right?  she said she wanted me to know she was mad at me...well, gee, isn't that the BEST way to wish someone a happy birthday & invite them over for cake????

so i don't know that we really got anywhere but we did talk & then i let her talk with Z.  oh, i did tell her that Z wouldn't be going to stay with her until we worked things out [including B] & that she needed to ask us before asking him over.  that's mainly bc she doesn't take our schedule, his cub scout activities or when he's on restriction into any consideration & we have to drop off & pick up on her schedule.

she talked with Z for a bit & when he brought me the phone he was saying "ok, i'll check with my mom if i can go stay with you next weekend".....so what, 12 seconds later she's doing it again?

her birthday was a few days later.  i called her & wished her a happy birthday & we talked for a few minutes, then i let Z talk with her.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

holiday break

so i'm new working in a school environment thing, so i didn't know i was going to get the week between christmas & new year off.  when i figured it out, we tried to plan to go somewhere but it was too late, too expensive to reserve anything during that time.

B & Z went up to ghetto house for a couple of days when i was still working.  well, not the house itself, but up to visit R.  during the week off Z & I were sick with a cold; we tried taking it easy thinking that would nip it in the bud.  Z did eventually get better, i didn't.  i also didn't make it to the budz annual christmas party, which was such a bummer.

for new years we went to our neighbor's condo in oceanside.  i really, (ok, REALLY) was thinking of backing out, but decided i needed to quite being such a stick in the mud & do SOMETHING.  i was glad i went, that we went.  we went to the condo's game room & not that there was much, but there was a foozeball table (i'm the worst foozeball player in the world, weakest wrists ever!) & a pool table (yeah, i suck at that too).

Z had a good time playing foozeball though as he was better than me & you know that's all that matters.  pool was really fun though, i probably haven't played (more than a game or two at least) since B & I met.  however, i used to play often with the guys from work & some other friends.  funny thing is B also used to play quite a bit before we met as well.  Z hadn't played & he got in a few good shots & at one point B said i broke a few laws of physics when i got 2 balls in with 1 shot.  i think i broke more than that....

so now we need a full size pool table ;-p

when we came home S was here waiting for us; we stayed up & rang in the west coast new year.  i don't remember what we did the rest of the weekend.  oh, i know at some point we worked in the yard & we built L-dog a fab house.

i need to blog more, i can't remember shit.