Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Z's earache

i forgot to write about this earlier...um, bc i'm hardly writing, so i had to go back over to FB & look it up...yeah, loser blogger i know.

anyway, i remember Z hadn't had much of a dinner, then we had a cub scout meeting where he made an absolute pig of himself on desserts [people probably think we don't feed him before attending]. i wasn't surprised at all when he had a rough night sleeping. i remember he woke me up yelling "MOM" & when i asked what, thinking something crazy was going on he said had to pee...um, you can go take care of that all on your own kiddo you're 8!

then he called out "MOM" again at some point & i thought if he tells me he has to pee again it's on, in the morning when i can move, but this time he said he had a nightmare & there was a monster in the hallway. well, dang, you mean i gotta go face the monster in the hall to go check on you?
there was no monster in case you're wondering.

but he was a mess all night & the only thing i could think to do was lay down with him & hope he would chill the bleep out & sleep. but he didn't. he tossed. he turned. he flipped. he bounced. OMG no chance ever of anybody sleeping.....except B peacefully in the next room completely unaware of all of it.

i think we maybe had 2 hours of sleep & when he got up in the am he wasn't a happy camper, surprise....i told him to get something to eat & go back to bed bc no matter what he could not go to school in that state. he has troubling behavior on a good night's sleep this was a gilded invitation to the principal's office.

he said his ear kinda hurt & he felt weird. i assumed he'd simply slept on it & after a few minutes it would be fine. when he got up a bit later he said it still hurt & he needed to go to the dr, i told him we would wait & see how he felt. he (nor i) have ever had an earache so i had no clue how to handle it or what to look for at all. cue google search & FB status updates.

my idea was for him to have a hot cup of tea & shortly after that he said water came out of his ear. when i told B that he said it was time to call the dr & take him in. he didn't tell me that was confirmation of an earache & perforation. thanks hon!

luckily Z's ghetto clinic let me take him in right away, although we waited like 2 hours & i was dying of a new cold [i no longer remember if that was #3 or 4 of the season]. i was just about to fall asleep when they finally called his name. dr took a look & said yeah, it was ugly in there, very red & had to be painful, she said he was quiet a trooper for not crying considering the amount of pain he had to be in.

the next day he was up & ready for school no problem. he took 10 days of antibiotics & then went back to the dr for a check up. apparently after a perforation, they need to check hearing, earaches are serious business...Z was fine thankfully.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

how do you dent your speakers?

i don't know much about speakers, it's definitely B's arena & i'm just thankful i have sound when i'm watching tv or playing the blue-ray (yes, it does involve different selections but i know them!).

SEE how easy going i am?

i digress, that wasn't where i was supposed to with this. anywho, a few years back B got some smoking deal on some kicka$$ speakers from his brother. if i knew anything about them that would translate into something meaningful i would share, but i do not [read previous paragraph, geez]. there's the long one (amp maybe?) that sits in front of the tv & 2 tall ones (really like 6ft or so) & they're cool bc they have a blue light when they're in the dark.

again, see my easy to pleaseness?

then there's this other boxy thing which is encased in some pretty faux wood. i remember when B was telling about getting them, some fancy brand was trying out a new line that failed & they were closing out the inventory in lots so B's brother was getting a few people together to make the purchase.

i was not excited about spending $500 on speakers.
do you know how many pairs of shoes i could buy with that?

but B went on & on about how good they were, etc so yeah, sure, whatever....pretty sure if i made too much of a fuss over it later we'd pay more for less. anyways, yes, years later, they're pretty & they work & we get many a compliment on them. [i could get many more compliments on some good shoes, but B doesn't get that]

so fast forward to the other day we were playfully "discussing" something. really, we were just joking around & prior to that B had gone to the garage to get a bag of frozen beans to thaw for dinner. so talk, joke, jab, talk & i don't even know what i said but B acted like he was going to throw the bag at me.

only bc they'd started to melt some the bag was slippery & it flew out of his hand directly into his purdy speaker.

a bag of frozen beans....
that he threw....
hit his pretty speaker....

it's not really noticeable unless you look for it, but i think i'll tell everyone who will listen to me about the time B threw a frozen bag of beans at me.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Z the mad scientist

[if you're want kids, or are considering having kids you shouldn't read this. if you have kids, or know you don't want kids, share in my glory]

this actually happened a few months ago, it's just taken awhile for me to get the nads to share it...

when we moved to the desert, Z had just turned 3 & was still in the early stages of putting sentences together. in case you've never lived in desert, unless it's freezing out, the cockroach population exceeds the human population. so in the mornings at ghetto house, Z would get up, come get me out of bed, then walk me around the house to show me all the dead roaches. we're classy, we sprayed, so at least they were dead.

"bug, bug, bug" he would say & point them out so i could put the evil in the trash. [i loathe roaches]

so, Z has this thing that he likes to make "bug killer", although we no longer live in the desert & don't have the roach problem [it's spiders now remember?] he still finds great enjoyment in creating it. it's completely innocuous; handsoap, shampoo, water, leaves, grass, dirt, maybe a cigarette butt, air freshner, etc. it's something he likes putting together & putting on ants or whatever's crawling around the yard.

however, we've always told him his creations are not allowed inside the house.
a simple rule right?

one day i go into his room & it stinks, i mean really, really stinks BAD. i went & opened the window, took his hamper outside to air out & took all his dirty clothes to the garage. when i went back later it still reeked like you wouldn't believe & i couldn't figure out what the heck was making it smell so awful.

i started looking around & i promise you, ALL DAY LONG you will never, ever, ever, ever, EVER guess what i found.
he's 8 remember....

i'm pretty sure you can guess from the aforemention stuffs that it was a batch of bug killer....however, this batch had a new ingredient. actually it was 2 new ingredients, can you guess now?

well, to start off slow, he'd peed in a cup, well, it was a baby food jar, so now i think you can guess what the 2nd ingredient was.

yes, it was poo.
in the baby food jar.
then there was a big log on the floor next to it under his dresser.

now THAT was awesome to find.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

which is more inappropriate?

- at some point in time my mother gave Z a flask. yes, a metal flask that came from an alcohol promotion thing. she's also given him a large glenlivet metal tin full of dinosaurs. the other day B found Z filling it with tap water to take it to school.

bc we don't get enough phone calls from school, thank you mom.

i wonder what people would say when they saw a 3rd grader drinking from a flask?

- when Z goes to Grammie's house he usually takes some movies. i never check his choices, i assume they're all cartoons or HIS-type movies. wrong. one time he took "death race" [if you haven't seen it, it's violent & let's just go with not anywhere near G rated.]

so when he comes home [keep in mind i'm not even aware the movie went with] he says "Grammie liked death race so much we watched twice."

Sunday, January 9, 2011

mom's birthday

i knew it was on the weekend, i just thought it was on sunday, not saturday....

i had called & left a message for her, asking when she wanted to get together & it was planned for Z to spend the night, so i got that far.

when she called on sat am & we talked, i didn't say happy birthday though. i thought, with every grain of my soul it was on sunday & thankfully the woman did not get all crazy about it. we were trying to get the scheduling down bc Z had cub scout stuff sat am then again sun pm, so everything had to be done around the 8 yo's schedule.

then when i realized it was the 8th i called her right back, really it was minutes after our initial call, but i didn't answer the phone singing happy birthday so i was surprised that she didn't answer the phone yelling at me what an ungrateful & selfish child i am. [yeah for parents!]

after Z's morning gig we picked my mom up & went out for soup lunch. she wasn't feeling well either so it was just lunch then back to her place. we hung out for a bit until Z asked "aren't you leaving?". i tried explaining to him that it was Grammie's b-day & it wasn't really nice for us to just up & leave but that's what he wanted, lunch & out, see ya!

i gave her a framed collage of family portraits which came out really neat beings i have nana's old albums. there's pics of her when she was a little girl in front of the house, one of nana's birthday parties, & lots of Z of course. beings i was confused on my days, i didn't bring a cake though, but mom ordered her favorite white cake, white frosting & coconut.

since we were kicked out, i came home & made the cake so on sun when we went to pick up Z we had the birthday cake then. my mom gave me some to take to nana & bring home, i think she planned on taking the rest to work as she kept 1/2 of it....or maybe she just kept it for herself!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

new years

a few days after christmas we were out shooting rockets, besides the little science kits, that was Z's favorite part of the holiday.

right in time for new years holiday we were contacted by the tenant again. about the fridge, again. this time he said it wasn't cooling properly, that they food was going bad & he'd gotten a thermometer to check it, & yeah. so we had to go rush fridge shopping again, figure out when & how to get it there & when & how to get the one there back here.

we were done with the place where we had gotten the 2 fridges & knew we were getting something new. we'd hoped to just contact the home depot & have it delivered but you know nothing is ever simple, they only did curbside delivery & our tenant is SO NOT mr. handy at all.

so it came down to getting the fridge & spending new years in the desert. i can't complain, it went well, we were with R & family, but it was not at all what we planned. not what R planned either, it was more of a hey, we're coming up tonight & can we stay with you? great friends aren't we?

it was a nice visit though we ended up staying 2 nights & hanging out. the boys played wow, the kids played whatever, danced & looked for ghosts & the women cooked & watched movies.