Wednesday, January 12, 2011

which is more inappropriate?

- at some point in time my mother gave Z a flask. yes, a metal flask that came from an alcohol promotion thing. she's also given him a large glenlivet metal tin full of dinosaurs. the other day B found Z filling it with tap water to take it to school.

bc we don't get enough phone calls from school, thank you mom.

i wonder what people would say when they saw a 3rd grader drinking from a flask?

- when Z goes to Grammie's house he usually takes some movies. i never check his choices, i assume they're all cartoons or HIS-type movies. wrong. one time he took "death race" [if you haven't seen it, it's violent & let's just go with not anywhere near G rated.]

so when he comes home [keep in mind i'm not even aware the movie went with] he says "Grammie liked death race so much we watched twice."

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