Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Z's earache

i forgot to write about this earlier...um, bc i'm hardly writing, so i had to go back over to FB & look it up...yeah, loser blogger i know.

anyway, i remember Z hadn't had much of a dinner, then we had a cub scout meeting where he made an absolute pig of himself on desserts [people probably think we don't feed him before attending]. i wasn't surprised at all when he had a rough night sleeping. i remember he woke me up yelling "MOM" & when i asked what, thinking something crazy was going on he said had to pee...um, you can go take care of that all on your own kiddo you're 8!

then he called out "MOM" again at some point & i thought if he tells me he has to pee again it's on, in the morning when i can move, but this time he said he had a nightmare & there was a monster in the hallway. well, dang, you mean i gotta go face the monster in the hall to go check on you?
there was no monster in case you're wondering.

but he was a mess all night & the only thing i could think to do was lay down with him & hope he would chill the bleep out & sleep. but he didn't. he tossed. he turned. he flipped. he bounced. OMG no chance ever of anybody sleeping.....except B peacefully in the next room completely unaware of all of it.

i think we maybe had 2 hours of sleep & when he got up in the am he wasn't a happy camper, surprise....i told him to get something to eat & go back to bed bc no matter what he could not go to school in that state. he has troubling behavior on a good night's sleep this was a gilded invitation to the principal's office.

he said his ear kinda hurt & he felt weird. i assumed he'd simply slept on it & after a few minutes it would be fine. when he got up a bit later he said it still hurt & he needed to go to the dr, i told him we would wait & see how he felt. he (nor i) have ever had an earache so i had no clue how to handle it or what to look for at all. cue google search & FB status updates.

my idea was for him to have a hot cup of tea & shortly after that he said water came out of his ear. when i told B that he said it was time to call the dr & take him in. he didn't tell me that was confirmation of an earache & perforation. thanks hon!

luckily Z's ghetto clinic let me take him in right away, although we waited like 2 hours & i was dying of a new cold [i no longer remember if that was #3 or 4 of the season]. i was just about to fall asleep when they finally called his name. dr took a look & said yeah, it was ugly in there, very red & had to be painful, she said he was quiet a trooper for not crying considering the amount of pain he had to be in.

the next day he was up & ready for school no problem. he took 10 days of antibiotics & then went back to the dr for a check up. apparently after a perforation, they need to check hearing, earaches are serious business...Z was fine thankfully.

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