Sunday, January 9, 2011

mom's birthday

i knew it was on the weekend, i just thought it was on sunday, not saturday....

i had called & left a message for her, asking when she wanted to get together & it was planned for Z to spend the night, so i got that far.

when she called on sat am & we talked, i didn't say happy birthday though. i thought, with every grain of my soul it was on sunday & thankfully the woman did not get all crazy about it. we were trying to get the scheduling down bc Z had cub scout stuff sat am then again sun pm, so everything had to be done around the 8 yo's schedule.

then when i realized it was the 8th i called her right back, really it was minutes after our initial call, but i didn't answer the phone singing happy birthday so i was surprised that she didn't answer the phone yelling at me what an ungrateful & selfish child i am. [yeah for parents!]

after Z's morning gig we picked my mom up & went out for soup lunch. she wasn't feeling well either so it was just lunch then back to her place. we hung out for a bit until Z asked "aren't you leaving?". i tried explaining to him that it was Grammie's b-day & it wasn't really nice for us to just up & leave but that's what he wanted, lunch & out, see ya!

i gave her a framed collage of family portraits which came out really neat beings i have nana's old albums. there's pics of her when she was a little girl in front of the house, one of nana's birthday parties, & lots of Z of course. beings i was confused on my days, i didn't bring a cake though, but mom ordered her favorite white cake, white frosting & coconut.

since we were kicked out, i came home & made the cake so on sun when we went to pick up Z we had the birthday cake then. my mom gave me some to take to nana & bring home, i think she planned on taking the rest to work as she kept 1/2 of it....or maybe she just kept it for herself!

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