Sunday, January 2, 2011

new years

a few days after christmas we were out shooting rockets, besides the little science kits, that was Z's favorite part of the holiday.

right in time for new years holiday we were contacted by the tenant again. about the fridge, again. this time he said it wasn't cooling properly, that they food was going bad & he'd gotten a thermometer to check it, & yeah. so we had to go rush fridge shopping again, figure out when & how to get it there & when & how to get the one there back here.

we were done with the place where we had gotten the 2 fridges & knew we were getting something new. we'd hoped to just contact the home depot & have it delivered but you know nothing is ever simple, they only did curbside delivery & our tenant is SO NOT mr. handy at all.

so it came down to getting the fridge & spending new years in the desert. i can't complain, it went well, we were with R & family, but it was not at all what we planned. not what R planned either, it was more of a hey, we're coming up tonight & can we stay with you? great friends aren't we?

it was a nice visit though we ended up staying 2 nights & hanging out. the boys played wow, the kids played whatever, danced & looked for ghosts & the women cooked & watched movies.

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