Thursday, January 20, 2011

how do you dent your speakers?

i don't know much about speakers, it's definitely B's arena & i'm just thankful i have sound when i'm watching tv or playing the blue-ray (yes, it does involve different selections but i know them!).

SEE how easy going i am?

i digress, that wasn't where i was supposed to with this. anywho, a few years back B got some smoking deal on some kicka$$ speakers from his brother. if i knew anything about them that would translate into something meaningful i would share, but i do not [read previous paragraph, geez]. there's the long one (amp maybe?) that sits in front of the tv & 2 tall ones (really like 6ft or so) & they're cool bc they have a blue light when they're in the dark.

again, see my easy to pleaseness?

then there's this other boxy thing which is encased in some pretty faux wood. i remember when B was telling about getting them, some fancy brand was trying out a new line that failed & they were closing out the inventory in lots so B's brother was getting a few people together to make the purchase.

i was not excited about spending $500 on speakers.
do you know how many pairs of shoes i could buy with that?

but B went on & on about how good they were, etc so yeah, sure, whatever....pretty sure if i made too much of a fuss over it later we'd pay more for less. anyways, yes, years later, they're pretty & they work & we get many a compliment on them. [i could get many more compliments on some good shoes, but B doesn't get that]

so fast forward to the other day we were playfully "discussing" something. really, we were just joking around & prior to that B had gone to the garage to get a bag of frozen beans to thaw for dinner. so talk, joke, jab, talk & i don't even know what i said but B acted like he was going to throw the bag at me.

only bc they'd started to melt some the bag was slippery & it flew out of his hand directly into his purdy speaker.

a bag of frozen beans....
that he threw....
hit his pretty speaker....

it's not really noticeable unless you look for it, but i think i'll tell everyone who will listen to me about the time B threw a frozen bag of beans at me.

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