Thursday, July 31, 2008

a morning w/the boys

so yesterday morning was really nice. B had to go to work early, not so early that i had to take Z to school, but early enough that they had to be up w/me.

after B got out of the shower he went to wake up the little one. when he returned & i was blow drying my hair he told me i needed to call out to Z, that he set me up.

So i called out "i want beybeys!"...this is quote from the movie "mail order wife" (that that doesn't work (because it doesn't for me) try this). it was a rather disturbing movie but hard to miss as our cable company had it on ultra-hi rotation it was difficult to not watch. anyways the poor girl goes thru a period of really wanting a child & she goes completely fricken crazy & has this scene where's she demanding to make a baby & anyone w/half a brain could see this woman was in the worst possible state of mind to get pregnant, but her ranting of "i want beybeys" became part of the household lingo.

B went to check on Z & although he was rolling over in the opposite direction, B could see Z's cheeks all round from smiling from ear to ear he was so happy that i was still there & we were able to get ready together. a few minutes later he came into the bathroom to greet me w/that big smile, it was sweet.

the other cute thing about that movie was she had a pig collection. not real pigs; but stuffed, glass, ceramic, big little, boy, girl, anything you could think of pig. then she had named each of them & it wasn't like she forgot their names either, they were individuals, they were her beybeys!

as i was in the kitchen gathering my things together to leave for the morning Z came in & gave me tons of hugs & kisses. he's such a big boy now.

more restraints

internet police have struck again, mf'ers took away my online radio!
bad enough pandora & sirius were blocked, now they took away my 94.9

so now i'm forced to listen to co-worker's whiny, twangy country music - it hurts.

UPDATE: almost 2pm, 94.9 is working again...internet police must have read my blog & felt bad, even my station is working again - yeh!

black patent

i bought some black patent shoes a few weeks ago; nothing special, small heel, peep toe. this morning was the 1st time i put them on. before i left i asked B how they looked.

he was questionable about the shoes in the 1st place, so i should have known better than to ask his opinion but i guess i'm just a glutton for punishment.
he said he wasn't sure about how they looked w/the skirt
because the skirt WASN'T SHINY.

on that note, i left for work.
so does he think in order for one to wear patent leather shoes one must also wear patent leather clothing?
because if i'm going to wear patent leather clothing, these shoes REALLY are not going to work.
i'm going to need a pair of thigh high fm boots if i'm wearing shiny clothing.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

yellow toy

on the road to/from home/work every day i see a late '80s yellow toyota truck that has such memories of my past tied to it. although it's missing the little add-on double window thingie on the back, it's the same shade of yellow & has the same lift kit.

so that yellow toy belonged to a certain KD, sometimes referred to as KDD (middle D standing for dick, which he TOTALLY deserved).

why did i waste so much time, energy, tears on him?
ugh, i was such a stupid girl.

i take much pride in the fact when he came to sd many years later & called me to visit him at his hotel room, i did go but i was not tempted!
HA - take that!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

so that wasn't a dizzy spell, it was an earthquake...

dinner last night ended up being a piece of cake. the other night we bbq'd & i made a chocolate cake, threw in a little mayo & chocolate chips for good measure. the cake came out light in color & quiet dense (not as in stupid), next time need to go heavier on the chips though. anyways, i can't have chocolate too late at night so yesterday when i got home i wanted a little snack (you know i'm joking about little right?) so it ended up being a rather large piece of cake, then i covered it in cherries & cool whip - hey, if you're gonna do it, do it right - am i wrong?

about 7:30ish when i realized i should have something for dinner i had a headache & when i attempted to get some food my body said "no way". so i waited to see if hunger would manifest but it didn't so i went to bed w/the full intention of getting up at some point to eat. i slept well. i don't think i woke up at all throughout the night. had a good dream...which i can't even begin to devulge...i blush at just the memory of it...
where am i? what was i talking about? oh, geez, that whole dream thing got me off track!

i didn't wake up hungry this morning, but i did bring some coffee & an english muffin. then shortly after about 11:30 i feel a little tipsy. i promise there was no alcohol in the coffee. then i'm thinking maybe my blood sugar is getting a little low. then co-worker says "feel that earthquake?" & we were moving, rolling for a few minutes.

Monday, July 28, 2008

jumping jack spasms

so the year of 37 has brought about some changes, ok, it happened in 36 but at 37 we're taking some action. i finally no longer have the metabolism of a hummingbird & some effort is required to keep things toned & in shape. so the work out ball has received a lot of attn in the past few weeks.

not only is this a feat for me, but little one has decided to join in. ok, yeah he always joined in that was part of the problem, he wanted to bounce around & jump on me & get in the way but finally he's figured out that he can exercise near me, that it's not a game i'm playing & he needs to bounce himself off of me.

not only that, i've figured out i can exercise while B is playing his game therefore i'm not constantly interrupted by questions of "can you do that naked?" because that's not going to happen...

anyways back to the program, yes, i finally got this exercise thing going & little one does jumping jacks beside me & it's the most hilarious thing you've ever seen!

the child has no rhythm WHAT SO EVER, it's like the top 1/2 of his body is separated from the bottom 1/2 & each piece operates on its' own. the bottom part does the hop-feet-together hop-feet-apart thing the & hand clapping happens here & there with no timing.
i try to not watch him because if i do i can't stop laughing at the way his little body moves but it's like a train wreck & no matter how hard i try to not watch or to not laugh i can't help myself...then i have to make something up to explain why i'm laughing.

Friday, July 25, 2008

the last lecture

if you haven't seen or heard about the last lecture, please take the time to watch it, it's beautiful. Randy died this morning of pancreatic cancer.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Z & the pp doctor

alright, for B's V appt Z went with for the consultation. the dr is a urologist & there were lots of graphic posters on the wall which led to lots of of the things discussed was the bladder, we explained to him how the bladder is like a balloon that fills up, blah, blah, blah. later that afternoon he told us he needed to use the bathroom because his bladder was full.

when we were on our way back to the dr's office for a check up, B explained to Z that we were going to see "the pp dr", his eyes were the size of 50 cent pieces.
there's a "pp dr"?
a few days later i overheard Z telling his friend about "the pp dr"...i'm not sure what all was discussed, i think i may have blacked out.

on Mon B had his final check up & on our way there, although all we said was we were going to the dr, Z knew which dr & he sat in the backseat singing
"pp dr, pp dr, pp dr"
we decided to stay quiet & just not fuel the fire.

B checked out fine thankfully.

Monday, July 21, 2008


this is a late post, but i haven't had a chance to get on...
Sun it rained...a LOT. in the early afternoon it rained just enough to wet the concrete & i was bummed because i thought i had missed it as it was after i got out of the shower that i noticed it (yes, i was having a lazy day & didn't shower until the afternoon).

a bit later though a real storm rolled in & we had us some rain. i went around & opened blinds & windows to throughly enjoy it. Z wanted to go outside & get wet, so we did, he was quite hesitant though. when the rain stopped we had a river in the street in front of the house & the one off to the side was even worse.

the break was shortlived & soon another storm was coming down on us. this little desert town isn't made for rain, only some of the houses have curb & gutter & there isn't a sewer system, so this was cool.
oh, i'm sorry...was bad news for the town.
by the time the rain stopped you couldn't even see a hint of black asphalt in the street the water was so deep. the sidewalk & curb were completely submerged, our vehicles parked in the driveway the back tires were in the water. we talked w/a few neighbors they said they hadn't seen rain like this in over 20 years.

B decided it was time to go for a drive.
hicks, i know, but we weren't the only ones; there were quite a few trucks out, some cars, even people on bikes!
one of the main drags was a raging river w/a bunch of abandoned vehicles. we drove around people were out w/cameras, playing in the water, canoeing & intertubing. the park was an absolute lake (3 days later it still is!).

i didn't get any pics though; i didn't plan to be out as long as we were, i didn't expect the damages to be so significant for only an 1 1/2" of rain & it receded much quicker than i anticipated.

update: thursday afternoon they pumped out the lake, er pond, er park it was getting pretty stinky.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

lost it

Z lost his first tooth this morning so we'll be playing tooth fairy tonight!

his friends at school told him he has to put it in a mail case (envelope).

a few notes about cleaning

a few weeks ago when i was trying to get Z to clean up his room so i could vacuum he told me he was afraid of the vacuum cleaner. this is the same one i've had for years so i knew he was just trying to delay cleaning & instead of validating his fears i asked him "what are you afraid of? a clean floor?"

i bought a new toilet bowl cleaner & it smells like lemonade. i'm not sure if i like it or not; although i think this will deter the dog from drinking out of the toilet, i'm afraid it may encourage the boy to drink out of it.

Friday, July 18, 2008

what have i been listening to?

the old mix cassettes, listened to only a couple so far, but here's what i've heard:
Heavy D (the overweight lover)
Slick Rick (a teenage love)
Rob Base
2 Live Crew (can't believe we used to listen & SING this stuff)
Boogie Down Productions
Stevie B (can you say haystacks?)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

tough call

Z was supposed to go on a field trip today but we didn't let him go. the class is going to a waterpark out of town for the day.

last thursday he got in trouble at school for punching one kid & scratching the hell out of another kid, so we told him over the weekend & Mon thru Weds he had to be absolutely stellar, walk on water good. he was decent over the weekend, but Mon & Tues something happened each day be it hitting, punching, kicking or scatching.

yesterday when i picked him up was his last chance to have a good day. the report at the end of the day was he scratch one kid then when they were making megaphones when he finished, to test it out he yelled "shit" in front of all the kids...nice. (yeah, i couldn't help but laugh too)

he took the "ain't happening" quite well, didn't cry & we had an ok evening, but as i prepped him for bed he told me of a few incidents which made me sad. they were about some of the other kids being mean to him, hitting him, punching him, kicking him in the head.
so really, is he just defending himself?
is he the tormenting one or is he the one be tormented?

as if growing up didn't suck enough, now i have to watch him go through all the struggles. ugh, i really want to go kick some little 5/6 year old boys' butts.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

found a goldmine

ok maybe found isn't the correct word, because i knew it was all there the whole time, reacquainted, that's better...

i attempted to get on the home computer to download recent pics but neither B or i have installed the camera's software onto the new computer & i didn't want to download the long way, which as it turns out really wouldn't have been the long way because i would have completed the process whereas because i wanted the software installed, i did not get it done....i hopped off the computer for 1/2 a second & B pounced on his game (it was already running, but he started actively playing).

i mistakely thought he would do whatever he was going to do, then install the program for me, then let me do my thing, so i stuck around. our computer room is our dumping grounds for stuff that doesn't go anywhere else or needs to be taken care of in some regard, etc. i looked up in the closet & saw my 3 boxes of cassettes (they're not large boxes, just wide enough for a cassette to fit in) so it's not a huge amount, not taking up a lot of space & i guess that's why i've justified moving & keeping them for so long.

talk about memories, jeez this stuff was so funny to look through. all of these were purchased from the time i was 17 & working at the music bar to early 20s. so this was music from my heyday, living w/the girls, wild & reckless. ok, maybe not so wild & not so reckless, but we definitely had our share of fun times. tj nights 4x a week & the best carne asada burritos at 3am. we did a lot of growing up together.

ok, so here's the list: lots of depeche mode, the smiths, the cure, morrissey. a few old bon jovi, bonham, kingdom come & even a led lepplin one, oaktown 357, safire. some of the stuff i'm still unwilling to part with, i'll have to make a list of cd's i need to buy, but for now i put all my mix tapes in my car. yup, the vw has a cassette player! heehee, this morning i listened to an unmarked tape that had nwa on there - express yourself, a bitch is a bitch & dopeman hahahaha!

oh, i didn't find my original nwa tape so the unmarked mix was extra special, however i did find luke skywalker!! that's going to be hilarious!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

update on UM

it's been awhile since i've made a post about UM, details have been far & few between, but here's the latest.
he made the trip back down to the valley. he was in the hospital for a few days & went home. over the 4th holiday he went into the hospital w/pneumonia. he's over that, better & back home, however he has had a few choking episodes. 2 in the hospital & one just the other day at home. the last one, S saved him, she used the suction thing & pulled a piece of tumor out of his throat.

the sad thing, he doesn't realize how sick he is; he thinks he's going to get better & when he's stronger, he will go thru another round of chemo. the nurse who comes to check on him told my AO that at this point he's living for her, that he doesn't want to leave her. the nurse told my AO she needs to tell him it's ok to let go but how do you do that? is it really that selfish to want him there?

finally though, finally, finally, finally S & C talked...& that's a VERY good thing.

Monday, July 14, 2008

stinky boys & mama's work

on friday we went to see "jouney to the center of the earth" but both B & i really liked the old 60s version better. i guess we were setting ourselves up thinking of all the possible computer generated scenarios that didn't manifest.

on sat B was thinking of going to the movies again but when i said i didn't feel like it he was disappointed that he got cleaned up & showered for nothing. (really, it wasn't for nothing) so we ended up going out for a late lunch. when we returned home B took a nap & i threw Z in the tub as he too needed to get cleaned up. friday slipped between the cracks & he hadn't bathed since..oops, since tuesday, no wonder he was stinky.

sun we hung around the house. in the morning i always let Z know it's sun, which means the next day is mon & we have to get everything ready. his floor has to be cleaned up so i can vacuum, his sheets need to come off the bed & he has to take a bath (yes, another one!) i was cleaning his tub in the evening in preparation of his bath when he asked if he could help. so i gave it a once over & gave him the brush & told him to have at it.

i was in the kitchen when B comes walking in laughing. he said he went into the bathroom & asked Z what he was doing & Z responded "i'm doing mama's work" with a curled up face. (funny how the response wasn't cleaning the bathtub)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

i love the rain

rained today....finally. it was supposed to rain all day today & tomorrow. it didn't start until late in the day, B told me as soon as it started. i went around & opened all the blinds so Z & i could watch it fall, opened the window near the sofa so we could smell & hear it. Z was having a panic attack about having the window open, he was worried when the flood came (yesterday we saw some footage from Katrina & evidently it stuck w/him).

i love the rain, it makes me happy, makes me smile. whenever it rains in sd they play rain by the cult

i hope it rains all day tomorrow.

made some hockey pucks

i don't know why but i just can't make biscuits. every once in a while i'll give it a try but the recipe doesn't matter, they always come out hard. i can't make pancakes either. don't get me wrong i can make beautiful picturesque pancakes, just don't eat them, they are more cake than they are pancake, typically about 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick - i kid you not.

on one of our beach trips last year, a friend made biscuits & gravy for one of our group breakfasts. i was there when she made the biscuits & in doing so she gave her 6 year old daughter a lesson (i took lots of mental notes). since then i've joked w/B that i'm gonna invite the 6 year old over to make biscuits because i'm sure she'd do a better job than me.

the past 2 weekends i've made biscuits. last week's were really bad, this week's were a slight improvement. i don't know if prisoners would eat them. maybe they wouldn't be so bad if i made gravy to put over them, but then again my gravy isn't that good either.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

scorcher in more ways than one

i knew yesterday was going to be hot because at 7am when i was driving to work, it was 90 already. yup, 90 AT 7AM! at lunch it was only 112, considering the time frame not bad. by the end of the day though it was 115....toasty, huh?

in the middle of the night i woke up to a siren. i didn't think much of it, we live off a main drag but shortly thereafter B came in the room & told me a house down the street was on fire. we went out there & took a look but the cops kept everyone pretty far back so we couldn't really see much. we asked & found out that thankfully no one was hurt. this morning Z & I drove by; the garage is a complete loss, there was a car parked in front of it & it's gone too. i think the house was saved though. how scary for those poor people.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

birthday evening

it was really sweet, the boys showed up at my work at the end of the day with cards & flowers in tow. then Z had to tell me about the flowers at home too & the one that broke off so they put it in a bowl of water for me.

it was stinken hot so we just lounged around on the sofa for a while. B's mom called, then my mom called, still haven't heard from my dad (not surprised one bit though, give him a week or 2 to remember).

B's meds starting working so he was feeling better, he grilled a fantastic steak for me. we also had artichokes, mashed potatos & a capreze salad (is that right M? i didn't know it had a name but M informed me it did). for dessert B picked up my favorite (that i had been waiting for since last year) - chocolate cheesecake. i was nice i shared w/my boys.

when i put Z to bed he told me a story "once upon a time there was a ShuppaDoo & a MowMow. then Lady came up to MowMow (right as he said this she did, like she was following instructions) and she (as she lets out this absolutely atrocious burp that made her lips flap from the breeze it produced so i'm concerned Z's going to adapt his story to what's happening) she gives MowMow a kiss on the cheek." (whew!)
sorry, but i don't remember how the rest of the story went...

as i got up to leave he demands
"aren't you going to ask me what was the best part of my day?"
"oh, yes, i'm sorry, i forgot. what was the best part of your day?"
"the dessert"
as if i couldn't have guessed that one.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

37 today

so this is it, i'm at the latter half of the 30s now. i'm really at the latter half, not just a little like 36. i didn't think it would be a big deal. Z is really into the whole birthday thing, so i certainly can't say this snuck up on me. last week when i was thinking about 37, i thought i was ok but that night i had a dream that my hair was just about completely grey & that wasn't nice.

yesterday we took B to the dr for a check up & found out he's infected...lucky huh? so he's on a new round of antibotics.
the little one is croupy, started yesterday. i doped him up when when got home from the dr, but he's still rough this morning.
i'm bound to have a great birthday with my 2 sickies!

update: went home for lunch, B still not doing well. i left a vm at dr's office to ask how long it should be before new meds should have an affect.

Monday, July 7, 2008

not for my mother's ears

ok, so i'm an only child & my parent's divorced when i was young & i was completely raised by my mother & i'm 100% her child. & my mom, i'm sure you can't relate, but she's kinda weird about some things & really uptight about certain things. like the word fart, i'm not sure i've ever heard her say that word & keep in mind it was just her & i so a lot of male things are just not discussed.

so when B was off to japan & i was raising little one instead of saying fart, i said "pootpoot". as in "did the little baby make a pootpoot?" - like that. i also remember at one point when i referred to Z's diaper rash & i said something about his sack being red & my mom just about fell on the floor at the foul language i used.

when B came home with all his maleness, Z had to learn a whole new way of speaking. one of our absolute favorite combinations is when he exclaimed
"my pootpoot made a farp"
yes, farp, he was trying, but didn't quite get it!

B is still in recovery & last night he said, "ouch, my pootpoot made a farp & it hurt my balls". good thing mom didn't hear that one!

disturbing news

on Sat B found out a friend's marriage is in trouble & i feel just horrible about it. this is B's best friend & he's known him longer than he's known me, i've only known them as a couple, to imagine them apart...hurts....& let's not even think about the kids.

i know being a military wife gives you a false sense of independence. when they go away on deployment you have to be strong, you have to make everything work, you run the house, take care of the kids, take care of the car, pay the bills & deal with anything that pops up all by yourself.

well, you think you are doing it all by yourself & when they come home & try to interfere with your routine, you resent them for it. you don't realize that although they are away, that bond gives you a lot of strength & you do need them, you do depend on them.

when B was gone to japan for a year, it probably took us 2 years to learn how to be together again. it's a difficult transition & unfortunately once you get used to them being around the military typically throws you another curve ball, either they're deploying again or you're moving, something to keep you on the edge of your seat.

i really, really hope they are able to figure things out & save their marriage. i told B he needs to suggest they go to counseling; in some ways it helped us, in other ways it didn't, but whatever little it did help, we needed & i'm thankful for.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July = busted

went over to the redheaded Z family for a bbq. had a nice time visiting w/everyone. the boys had a great time playing together & popping a few little firecrackers in the backyard. by the time we were done with dinner, the sun had gone down so we headed out front for the evening sparkles.

the boys had already gone thru 2 punks for lighting fireworks, so i headed out to get a few more as we only had 2 more for the entire evening. i went to one stand & purchased 1 punk for 50 cents (crazy huh?) i thought she said 2 for 50 cents but when i gave her $1.50 i only got 3 punks in exchange. so then i went down the street to another stand, they were out...but i could buy a package of fireworks that had A punk in it - thanks!
who knew punks were so valuable, i could be rich off all the punks i've thrown away over all the years. we decided next year we would host a punk stand & probably have higher profits than the fireworks stand.

so we headed out to an empty field area to watch the town's show, nice, but not a whole lot going on. we lighted a few fireworks, but it was a bit windy so we moved over to in front of the house. the boys had a blast, we had quite an arsonal built up with last year's left overs & this year's purchase. oh & the punks, yeah they didn't last, towards the end of the evening we were using cigarettes to light!

we made it thru about 1 box of mortars when the fire dept showed up. we should have noticed the lack of other illegals going on down the block, but we didn't, so when they showed up we were totally busted. B was in the street with the kids, DV attempted to walked away with the mortar launcher under his arm but was caught, i was prepping at the box so i threw a couple of little ones towards the house in an attempt to save what i could.

i have to say, we were totally lucky, they took an unopened box of mortars, the remnants of 2 boxes we had been lighting & a brick of the annoying popping firecrackers & they left.
no fine, sweet huh?
we had a few illegal flowers & a couple of roman candles that we lit after they left but other than that (oh & the couple i threw into the yard), then it was sparkler time. the kids had a blast, no body got hurt & we gladly admitted we were at fault. (legal fireworks really suck & the shows just aren't the same as lighting your own)

hope everyone had a fun & safe 4th!!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

theory of time

you know how you have some days that just fly by? you don't even know where the time goes, it's just going & you're late for everything & you can't finish anything because your entire world is spinning at lightening speed?

well yesterday was the opposite of that, it was slow. & when i say slow, i mean S...-...L...-...O...-...W. i thought i had somehow worked/surfed through lunch & was expecting the time to be somewhere around 2:30 but when i looked at my watch, it was shortly after 10...AM.

i am positive there were 36 hours in yesterday's day, so a short day is in the making, it's going to hurt.

tired little one

yesterday Z went to a buddy's house for the afternoon to play. when i arrived to pick him up, he had a full blown meltdown saying how i was mean & everything was my fault & he didn't want to come home w/me.
when we got home we had a talk, then i had him go play outside while i made dinner. i called him in shortly thereafter realizing dinner would be awhile & that he was probably hungry, so i offered him a boiled egg (a favorite).
he gladly peeled & rinsed his egg, then asked for salt & pepper. a few minutes later he returned asking for the last egg, which i allowed. not 20 minutes later B came in saying Z was down for the count.
it was only a little after 7pm & he didn't wake up all night; we totally expected him to demand dinner sometime in the middle of the night.

today Z went back to his buddies house after his dentist appt (bottom 2 teeth are lose!). they had a good time & Z had been warned the day before to behave better or it would be a long time before he would return again. he was good, we played some & watched a movie, he helped me shred cheese for our chicken burritos we had for dinner. he ate 2 then i cleaned up the kitchen & when i was done i called him to the bathroom to brush his teeth.

i brushed mine & did a few things but he didn't show up so i called for him again. B hollers "he went over there when you called before" - well, he wasn't with me, so i check his room - not there, look on the sofa - not there, go back to the bedroom thinking somehow i missed him - nope, then i go to the kitchen....& find him on the floor asleep on the filthy mat in front of the stove. i talk to him but no response, so i pick him up & he barely moves as i carried him to bed.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

rock the cradle

know the song "rock the cradle of love" by billy idol? not that i ever really liked it a whole bunch, i prefer the older billy idol, but this song reminds me of my days working at may company.

yes, may company, that's not a mis-statement, back in the day before it was robinsons-may. (which i think is dumb, make up your mind, pick a name & go with it, it wasn't a marriage)

the job wasn't that great, sales, not fun, customer service, definitely not for me, picking up 5 ft piles of clothing & hanging it all up, not my bag either. oh, & the dressing rooms could be an absolute nightmare, you wouldn't believe what some people do in there!
i remember hearing about someone peeing in one.
one time we found a used pad in one - so gross!
there was a topper though, a used tampon on the sales floor, a co-worker was picking up a pile of clothing & they came across that!
people can be really disgusting....

the friends were good though, they made work fun.

ducks at the beach

i've been meaning to make this post for a really long time but never seem to be around a computer when i think about it, but the stars aligned at this moment, so here's the story:

after our 1st or 2nd beach trip, i think i was driving Z home & he says something about the ducks at the beach. i explain to him that is must have been seagulls or some other type of bird because there aren't ducks at the beach.
we go back & forth & back & forth & neither one of us is giving in that the other may be right. i tell him there's a lot of things out there that i don't know, but one thing i do know is there aren't ducks at the beach, they don't like the moving water & we go on & on debating about this. by the time we get home he's in tears.

then B asks what's going on, why the tears & i explain the point of contention. then he says we're both right. there were ducks at the beach, only they weren't at the beach, they were at the lake near the beach. the boys had gone for a walk one day without me & found the lake & the ducks.

so now everytime we go to the beach we walk to the lake to visit the ducks.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


so yesterday was it, the big V day....& i'm not talking about valentine's in June.
yup, B had it done, our family is complete.

i sat in the room while it was done. kinda icky, very hot, felt weak in the knees at one point, but told myself i had to be strong for B. he was nervous (understandably), hot & sweating. if i was hot, i can't imagine how hot he must have felt. i patted his forehead dry & rubbed his head trying to distract him from the obvious.

so he's home recouperating - on the sofa, lots of ice, frozen peas, a case of beer, a bottle of painkillers & another with antibotics. oh, & yes, we did get a new computer, because he could potentially be out on medical leave for 2 weeks & it would be inhumane for B to go that long at home without his game.