Wednesday, July 2, 2008

rock the cradle

know the song "rock the cradle of love" by billy idol? not that i ever really liked it a whole bunch, i prefer the older billy idol, but this song reminds me of my days working at may company.

yes, may company, that's not a mis-statement, back in the day before it was robinsons-may. (which i think is dumb, make up your mind, pick a name & go with it, it wasn't a marriage)

the job wasn't that great, sales, not fun, customer service, definitely not for me, picking up 5 ft piles of clothing & hanging it all up, not my bag either. oh, & the dressing rooms could be an absolute nightmare, you wouldn't believe what some people do in there!
i remember hearing about someone peeing in one.
one time we found a used pad in one - so gross!
there was a topper though, a used tampon on the sales floor, a co-worker was picking up a pile of clothing & they came across that!
people can be really disgusting....

the friends were good though, they made work fun.


  1. gross...someone is browsing through some t-shirts and they decide they don't need their USED tampon anymore? ugh. i can only wonder if they decided to do that whole switch-a-roo there too? omg that is so gross! seriously? is the bathroom that far away?

  2. who knows if the whole switch-a-roo occurred...

    i can't remember where the bathroom is in the building, but honestly how far would be "too far" to make it acceptable to do something like THAT in public & leave evidence?

  3. how far would be too far...exactly!


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