Wednesday, July 16, 2008

found a goldmine

ok maybe found isn't the correct word, because i knew it was all there the whole time, reacquainted, that's better...

i attempted to get on the home computer to download recent pics but neither B or i have installed the camera's software onto the new computer & i didn't want to download the long way, which as it turns out really wouldn't have been the long way because i would have completed the process whereas because i wanted the software installed, i did not get it done....i hopped off the computer for 1/2 a second & B pounced on his game (it was already running, but he started actively playing).

i mistakely thought he would do whatever he was going to do, then install the program for me, then let me do my thing, so i stuck around. our computer room is our dumping grounds for stuff that doesn't go anywhere else or needs to be taken care of in some regard, etc. i looked up in the closet & saw my 3 boxes of cassettes (they're not large boxes, just wide enough for a cassette to fit in) so it's not a huge amount, not taking up a lot of space & i guess that's why i've justified moving & keeping them for so long.

talk about memories, jeez this stuff was so funny to look through. all of these were purchased from the time i was 17 & working at the music bar to early 20s. so this was music from my heyday, living w/the girls, wild & reckless. ok, maybe not so wild & not so reckless, but we definitely had our share of fun times. tj nights 4x a week & the best carne asada burritos at 3am. we did a lot of growing up together.

ok, so here's the list: lots of depeche mode, the smiths, the cure, morrissey. a few old bon jovi, bonham, kingdom come & even a led lepplin one, oaktown 357, safire. some of the stuff i'm still unwilling to part with, i'll have to make a list of cd's i need to buy, but for now i put all my mix tapes in my car. yup, the vw has a cassette player! heehee, this morning i listened to an unmarked tape that had nwa on there - express yourself, a bitch is a bitch & dopeman hahahaha!

oh, i didn't find my original nwa tape so the unmarked mix was extra special, however i did find luke skywalker!! that's going to be hilarious!

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  1. i would pay money to see those! lol and yes that IS a goldmine!!


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