Tuesday, July 8, 2008

37 today

so this is it, i'm at the latter half of the 30s now. i'm really at the latter half, not just a little like 36. i didn't think it would be a big deal. Z is really into the whole birthday thing, so i certainly can't say this snuck up on me. last week when i was thinking about 37, i thought i was ok but that night i had a dream that my hair was just about completely grey & that wasn't nice.

yesterday we took B to the dr for a check up & found out he's infected...lucky huh? so he's on a new round of antibotics.
the little one is croupy, started yesterday. i doped him up when when got home from the dr, but he's still rough this morning.
i'm bound to have a great birthday with my 2 sickies!

update: went home for lunch, B still not doing well. i left a vm at dr's office to ask how long it should be before new meds should have an affect.


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