Monday, July 14, 2008

stinky boys & mama's work

on friday we went to see "jouney to the center of the earth" but both B & i really liked the old 60s version better. i guess we were setting ourselves up thinking of all the possible computer generated scenarios that didn't manifest.

on sat B was thinking of going to the movies again but when i said i didn't feel like it he was disappointed that he got cleaned up & showered for nothing. (really, it wasn't for nothing) so we ended up going out for a late lunch. when we returned home B took a nap & i threw Z in the tub as he too needed to get cleaned up. friday slipped between the cracks & he hadn't bathed since..oops, since tuesday, no wonder he was stinky.

sun we hung around the house. in the morning i always let Z know it's sun, which means the next day is mon & we have to get everything ready. his floor has to be cleaned up so i can vacuum, his sheets need to come off the bed & he has to take a bath (yes, another one!) i was cleaning his tub in the evening in preparation of his bath when he asked if he could help. so i gave it a once over & gave him the brush & told him to have at it.

i was in the kitchen when B comes walking in laughing. he said he went into the bathroom & asked Z what he was doing & Z responded "i'm doing mama's work" with a curled up face. (funny how the response wasn't cleaning the bathtub)

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