Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July = busted

went over to the redheaded Z family for a bbq. had a nice time visiting w/everyone. the boys had a great time playing together & popping a few little firecrackers in the backyard. by the time we were done with dinner, the sun had gone down so we headed out front for the evening sparkles.

the boys had already gone thru 2 punks for lighting fireworks, so i headed out to get a few more as we only had 2 more for the entire evening. i went to one stand & purchased 1 punk for 50 cents (crazy huh?) i thought she said 2 for 50 cents but when i gave her $1.50 i only got 3 punks in exchange. so then i went down the street to another stand, they were out...but i could buy a package of fireworks that had A punk in it - thanks!
who knew punks were so valuable, i could be rich off all the punks i've thrown away over all the years. we decided next year we would host a punk stand & probably have higher profits than the fireworks stand.

so we headed out to an empty field area to watch the town's show, nice, but not a whole lot going on. we lighted a few fireworks, but it was a bit windy so we moved over to in front of the house. the boys had a blast, we had quite an arsonal built up with last year's left overs & this year's purchase. oh & the punks, yeah they didn't last, towards the end of the evening we were using cigarettes to light!

we made it thru about 1 box of mortars when the fire dept showed up. we should have noticed the lack of other illegals going on down the block, but we didn't, so when they showed up we were totally busted. B was in the street with the kids, DV attempted to walked away with the mortar launcher under his arm but was caught, i was prepping at the box so i threw a couple of little ones towards the house in an attempt to save what i could.

i have to say, we were totally lucky, they took an unopened box of mortars, the remnants of 2 boxes we had been lighting & a brick of the annoying popping firecrackers & they left.
no fine, sweet huh?
we had a few illegal flowers & a couple of roman candles that we lit after they left but other than that (oh & the couple i threw into the yard), then it was sparkler time. the kids had a blast, no body got hurt & we gladly admitted we were at fault. (legal fireworks really suck & the shows just aren't the same as lighting your own)

hope everyone had a fun & safe 4th!!!!


  1. they look like a sparkler, but without the fizzle. kinda like a stick of incense that stays lit so you can use it to light the fireworks but it doesn't have a flame like a match so it's kid-friendly.

  2. never heard of that. but i live in a state/county that has never allowed a regular person to buy fireworks. we used to drive across to california to buy them. but i'm not sure if imperial co even allows them anymore. :-(

  3. didn't you ever light fireworks as a kid? i know we got punks w/the fireworks then, but we always threw them away & used lighters (pyros).
    nope, fireworks aren't sold in the valley anymore. i was surprised that they sell them here, but like i said they're horrible excuses.

  4. we never used the punks. always lighters or matches. lol we liked to live EXTRA dangerous! ha ha ha


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