Thursday, July 17, 2008

tough call

Z was supposed to go on a field trip today but we didn't let him go. the class is going to a waterpark out of town for the day.

last thursday he got in trouble at school for punching one kid & scratching the hell out of another kid, so we told him over the weekend & Mon thru Weds he had to be absolutely stellar, walk on water good. he was decent over the weekend, but Mon & Tues something happened each day be it hitting, punching, kicking or scatching.

yesterday when i picked him up was his last chance to have a good day. the report at the end of the day was he scratch one kid then when they were making megaphones when he finished, to test it out he yelled "shit" in front of all the kids...nice. (yeah, i couldn't help but laugh too)

he took the "ain't happening" quite well, didn't cry & we had an ok evening, but as i prepped him for bed he told me of a few incidents which made me sad. they were about some of the other kids being mean to him, hitting him, punching him, kicking him in the head.
so really, is he just defending himself?
is he the tormenting one or is he the one be tormented?

as if growing up didn't suck enough, now i have to watch him go through all the struggles. ugh, i really want to go kick some little 5/6 year old boys' butts.

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