Monday, July 21, 2008


this is a late post, but i haven't had a chance to get on...
Sun it rained...a LOT. in the early afternoon it rained just enough to wet the concrete & i was bummed because i thought i had missed it as it was after i got out of the shower that i noticed it (yes, i was having a lazy day & didn't shower until the afternoon).

a bit later though a real storm rolled in & we had us some rain. i went around & opened blinds & windows to throughly enjoy it. Z wanted to go outside & get wet, so we did, he was quite hesitant though. when the rain stopped we had a river in the street in front of the house & the one off to the side was even worse.

the break was shortlived & soon another storm was coming down on us. this little desert town isn't made for rain, only some of the houses have curb & gutter & there isn't a sewer system, so this was cool.
oh, i'm sorry...was bad news for the town.
by the time the rain stopped you couldn't even see a hint of black asphalt in the street the water was so deep. the sidewalk & curb were completely submerged, our vehicles parked in the driveway the back tires were in the water. we talked w/a few neighbors they said they hadn't seen rain like this in over 20 years.

B decided it was time to go for a drive.
hicks, i know, but we weren't the only ones; there were quite a few trucks out, some cars, even people on bikes!
one of the main drags was a raging river w/a bunch of abandoned vehicles. we drove around people were out w/cameras, playing in the water, canoeing & intertubing. the park was an absolute lake (3 days later it still is!).

i didn't get any pics though; i didn't plan to be out as long as we were, i didn't expect the damages to be so significant for only an 1 1/2" of rain & it receded much quicker than i anticipated.

update: thursday afternoon they pumped out the lake, er pond, er park it was getting pretty stinky.

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