Thursday, July 3, 2008

tired little one

yesterday Z went to a buddy's house for the afternoon to play. when i arrived to pick him up, he had a full blown meltdown saying how i was mean & everything was my fault & he didn't want to come home w/me.
when we got home we had a talk, then i had him go play outside while i made dinner. i called him in shortly thereafter realizing dinner would be awhile & that he was probably hungry, so i offered him a boiled egg (a favorite).
he gladly peeled & rinsed his egg, then asked for salt & pepper. a few minutes later he returned asking for the last egg, which i allowed. not 20 minutes later B came in saying Z was down for the count.
it was only a little after 7pm & he didn't wake up all night; we totally expected him to demand dinner sometime in the middle of the night.

today Z went back to his buddies house after his dentist appt (bottom 2 teeth are lose!). they had a good time & Z had been warned the day before to behave better or it would be a long time before he would return again. he was good, we played some & watched a movie, he helped me shred cheese for our chicken burritos we had for dinner. he ate 2 then i cleaned up the kitchen & when i was done i called him to the bathroom to brush his teeth.

i brushed mine & did a few things but he didn't show up so i called for him again. B hollers "he went over there when you called before" - well, he wasn't with me, so i check his room - not there, look on the sofa - not there, go back to the bedroom thinking somehow i missed him - nope, then i go to the kitchen....& find him on the floor asleep on the filthy mat in front of the stove. i talk to him but no response, so i pick him up & he barely moves as i carried him to bed.

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