Wednesday, July 9, 2008

birthday evening

it was really sweet, the boys showed up at my work at the end of the day with cards & flowers in tow. then Z had to tell me about the flowers at home too & the one that broke off so they put it in a bowl of water for me.

it was stinken hot so we just lounged around on the sofa for a while. B's mom called, then my mom called, still haven't heard from my dad (not surprised one bit though, give him a week or 2 to remember).

B's meds starting working so he was feeling better, he grilled a fantastic steak for me. we also had artichokes, mashed potatos & a capreze salad (is that right M? i didn't know it had a name but M informed me it did). for dessert B picked up my favorite (that i had been waiting for since last year) - chocolate cheesecake. i was nice i shared w/my boys.

when i put Z to bed he told me a story "once upon a time there was a ShuppaDoo & a MowMow. then Lady came up to MowMow (right as he said this she did, like she was following instructions) and she (as she lets out this absolutely atrocious burp that made her lips flap from the breeze it produced so i'm concerned Z's going to adapt his story to what's happening) she gives MowMow a kiss on the cheek." (whew!)
sorry, but i don't remember how the rest of the story went...

as i got up to leave he demands
"aren't you going to ask me what was the best part of my day?"
"oh, yes, i'm sorry, i forgot. what was the best part of your day?"
"the dessert"
as if i couldn't have guessed that one.

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