Monday, July 7, 2008

not for my mother's ears

ok, so i'm an only child & my parent's divorced when i was young & i was completely raised by my mother & i'm 100% her child. & my mom, i'm sure you can't relate, but she's kinda weird about some things & really uptight about certain things. like the word fart, i'm not sure i've ever heard her say that word & keep in mind it was just her & i so a lot of male things are just not discussed.

so when B was off to japan & i was raising little one instead of saying fart, i said "pootpoot". as in "did the little baby make a pootpoot?" - like that. i also remember at one point when i referred to Z's diaper rash & i said something about his sack being red & my mom just about fell on the floor at the foul language i used.

when B came home with all his maleness, Z had to learn a whole new way of speaking. one of our absolute favorite combinations is when he exclaimed
"my pootpoot made a farp"
yes, farp, he was trying, but didn't quite get it!

B is still in recovery & last night he said, "ouch, my pootpoot made a farp & it hurt my balls". good thing mom didn't hear that one!


  1. b must be so proud! poot-poot, "fart" and balls in one sentence!

  2. yeah, if my mom was napping, she probably was awakened by it...knowing somewhere off in the distance, foul words were being sputtered...


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