Tuesday, July 1, 2008


so yesterday was it, the big V day....& i'm not talking about valentine's in June.
yup, B had it done, our family is complete.

i sat in the room while it was done. kinda icky, very hot, felt weak in the knees at one point, but told myself i had to be strong for B. he was nervous (understandably), hot & sweating. if i was hot, i can't imagine how hot he must have felt. i patted his forehead dry & rubbed his head trying to distract him from the obvious.

so he's home recouperating - on the sofa, lots of ice, frozen peas, a case of beer, a bottle of painkillers & another with antibotics. oh, & yes, we did get a new computer, because he could potentially be out on medical leave for 2 weeks & it would be inhumane for B to go that long at home without his game.

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  1. congrats on not needing bc & the new computer! lol :-)


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