Tuesday, July 15, 2008

update on UM

it's been awhile since i've made a post about UM, details have been far & few between, but here's the latest.
he made the trip back down to the valley. he was in the hospital for a few days & went home. over the 4th holiday he went into the hospital w/pneumonia. he's over that, better & back home, however he has had a few choking episodes. 2 in the hospital & one just the other day at home. the last one, S saved him, she used the suction thing & pulled a piece of tumor out of his throat.

the sad thing, he doesn't realize how sick he is; he thinks he's going to get better & when he's stronger, he will go thru another round of chemo. the nurse who comes to check on him told my AO that at this point he's living for her, that he doesn't want to leave her. the nurse told my AO she needs to tell him it's ok to let go but how do you do that? is it really that selfish to want him there?

finally though, finally, finally, finally S & C talked...& that's a VERY good thing.

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