Wednesday, July 2, 2008

ducks at the beach

i've been meaning to make this post for a really long time but never seem to be around a computer when i think about it, but the stars aligned at this moment, so here's the story:

after our 1st or 2nd beach trip, i think i was driving Z home & he says something about the ducks at the beach. i explain to him that is must have been seagulls or some other type of bird because there aren't ducks at the beach.
we go back & forth & back & forth & neither one of us is giving in that the other may be right. i tell him there's a lot of things out there that i don't know, but one thing i do know is there aren't ducks at the beach, they don't like the moving water & we go on & on debating about this. by the time we get home he's in tears.

then B asks what's going on, why the tears & i explain the point of contention. then he says we're both right. there were ducks at the beach, only they weren't at the beach, they were at the lake near the beach. the boys had gone for a walk one day without me & found the lake & the ducks.

so now everytime we go to the beach we walk to the lake to visit the ducks.

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