Sunday, September 30, 2007

about me

this is a work in progress:

* i've lived in california my entire life
* my parents were migrant workers; my father is caucasion, my mom is hispanic
* their divorce was final when i was 6, neither one ever re-married
* i am an only child
* when i was a kid, i wanted an older sister
* i haven't been to any of my class reunions because i wasn't ready to face some of the people that made my childhood/adolescence hell. i think i'm ready to attend my 20 yr though.
* i am a compulsive e-mail checker
* i'm a cancer through & through. i'm emotional, moody, guarded. i have few friends, but those who are, are dear to my heart & i protect them fiercely.
* many people think i'm quiet & shy, that's because they haven't seen the real me.
* when i met B, i had given up on boys, or thought i had.
* i believe B is my soulmate
* i love rain but dislike wind
* my drink of choice is vodka, i dislike beer & wine...sad, i know
* i can not stand cigarette smoke, i can feel my lungs constricting when i smell it
* i have the sensory skills of a bloodhound, it's not a good thing
* i'm horrible at any type of game & all sports
* every car i've ever owned (3) has been a stick shift, i'm worried my next one will have to be automatic beings my options were really limited the last time i got a car.
* i have a thing for stuff made out of glass, i like it very much
* i write right-handed but do pretty much everything else with my left side
* i have traveled to australia & japan
* i have extreme issues about speaking in front of a group
* every night i thank God for the day he's given me, for B, Z, my mom, my nana, my family & friends & everyone's health. & for saving my marriage.


  1. Please don't buy an automatic transmission car. What's your 3rd car?

  2. the Passsssssssaaaaaat (can only be said real nasally), remember? still have it.


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