Thursday, March 5, 2009

Nana's mole

i made mole (pro-nounced mo-leh for all you non-mexicans, i read this over & read "mole" & about hurled) for the first time ever yesterday.

ok, i cheated, i used a can as a started (just like nana). however, nana's brand hasn't been in production in forever & i haven't had her mole in about 4 years, possibly longer, so i wasn't too picky.

my mom told me to brown some flour then add the sauce. out of the can it tasted strongly of chocolate, i wasn't sure i was going to be able to make it work. i added chicken bouilon, water, a lot of garlic powder, chili powder & more cayenne than i thought anyone could handle.

i couldn't believe it. i actually got it to taste like someting on the order, relatively close to something that came fram the same quadrant of the universe as nana's mole - WOW!!!!!


  1. when i read the title all i could hear was austin power talking to the kid from wonder years on one of the AP movies and saying "molay, molay, molay, quacaMOLAY!" lol

    and then i was like "nana's mole?" um tmi, tmi!

  2. haha, i channel AP with out even trying!


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